Top Digital Media Strategies For Small Businesses

Getting noticed online is important and with today’s choice of marketing platforms – there are many strategies open to small businesses. While many will lead to some success, there are only a few that will allow you to become a viral hit, with a little luck. A viral hit will almost guarantee business success.

So, what are the top digital media strategies?

1. The Importance Of Visuals

Images are processed much faster than words and is critical to how your brand is received by audiences. Think about how United Airlines have been affected by the images of the passenger being forced off the plane. The image has gone viral and damaged their reputation.

Images you develop can also have a profound effect. Remember to create regular images for posting on Facebook and Instagram. Take images with customers or during the production process of your product.

Also consider developing infographics, memes and other images.

2. User-Generated Content

Al Arabiya is arguably the most visited Arab website. The news site has grown in popularity because it has developed a strategy for users to broadcast their videos to their audience

User-generated content is one of the best ways to encourage loyalty and interaction. It can also help increase your reach as those that contribute will want to share their content with their friends.

Ask audiences to share their videos, photos or stories with you to publish across social media. You could even create a video or photo competition to encourage greater interaction with the help of gamification.

3. Be Active, Always

Social media is changing audience expectations. Online users now think brands should be responding in near real-time to their questions, complaints, and other comments. This can cause a considerable drain on your resources, but it is an important consideration.

Using tools like Hootsuite will allow you to monitor three or more social media profiles, for free, to help you keep up-to-date with your brand's mentions on social networks.

By being active and responding, you can demonstrate you are a better brand than that of your competitors.


If you want to be a success, you should ensure your audience is integrated into your marketing plans and using visual updates. These two criteria might be challenging, but with the right push and a little luck, it can turn a small business into a viral hit.

What is your top digital media strategy? What has gone viral for you before?

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